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We've found that we usually come alongside and help people who are looking for one of three things:

  1. They are an individual believer looking for personal breakthrough. Maybe they are spiritually stuck or at a point where they need clarity as they head into a desired pivot-point-moment in their life.
  2. You're a church leader looking to see real discipleship take hold in your church, with a result being your people sent out into the world as equipped ambassadors for Jesus.
  3. You're looking for some killer resources.

Become who you were always created to be.


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Imagine what would happen if every person in your church knew exactly where God was sending them and how to live it out.

We aren't here to take the place of the local church. We believe the local church should always be the hero, because Jesus is the hero. Our goal is to equip church leaders so they can help every believer identify their unique calling and how God is sending them into the world He so loves.


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