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Future Traveler:     Cohorts        Personal Characteristics

The Challenge

The Future Travelers conversation was catalyzed by the probing of questions raised by the changing role and appeal of the church in Western society. Until recently, the church retained a very significant cultural connection with the prevailing society around it. Most people were within the cultural orbit of the church and open to being influenced by the ideas that energized the church. However, it is our assertion that the prevailing, contemporary church-growth approach to church will have significant cultural appeal--marketability, if you will, to only about 40 percent of the American population. What will we do in our generation to reach 60%?

The Opportunity

What if God has uniquely positioned the prevailing church (mega and multi) as a key sending platform for reaching the 60%? What if we were to celebrate and catalyze its incredible capacity to release and deploy Believers on mission in a more viral way than we've ever seen in North America? The time has come to pioneer new pathways to reach the 60% where God is already powerfully at work through our prevailing churches.

The Future Traveler's Initiative

Future Travelers supports small group communities (cohorts).  The cohorts consist of pioneering leaders who’ve been successful but are asking serious questions about the future.  These leaders are experiencing a “holy discontent” but are wrestling with how to verbalize it and what to do with it.  The cohorts create a safe learning environment for these leaders to pursue an understanding of their discontent in the context of the 60/40 challenge the church faces.

Although the context of the gatherings is in the US (all the host churches are in the US), the cohorts are open to leaders from all countries. The principles that are taught and discussed transcend geographic proximity and all participants are challenged to contextualize the learnings to their unique setting.

Currently we offer cohorts for senior pastors of large churches and a cohort for national leaders of networks and denominations.   Click here to learn more about these Future Traveler Cohorts and which one would be best for you.

Are You a Future Traveler?

Future Travelers share many common characteristics. Click here to discover whether you are a Future Traveler!


Three new cohorts are forming for Fall 2012. Limited to 10-12 leaders each, these groups journey together for one year, meeting three times at different host practioner churches. These peer-to-peer learning communities are faciliated by Alan Hirsch, Rob Wegner and Kim Hammond.
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Senior Pastors
Network / Denom Leaders